Hurricane Ian- Island Update

LCEC update

LCEC and FPL crews and support workers, supported by efforts from the Governor’s office, energized the transmission line on Sanibel Island Friday. It is still early for an estimated restoration time.

LCEC serves nearly 11,000 customers on Sanibel and Captiva islands. The goal is to restore power as quickly and safely as possible to those able to receive power and ensure the infrastructure is available for those who will rebuild their homes or businesses destroyed by Hurricane Ian.

Travel to and from the island has been a challenge without the option of vehicular traffic. Mobilization by barge began last week and was not without challenges due to timing of tides, weight restrictions, the quantity and size of the equipment and materials, and the number of workers traveling to the island.

Earlier this week, a convoy of hundreds of utility and support trucks and vehicles reached the island through a one-time emergency roadway access supported by Governor DeSantis. This expedited staging and allowed crews to begin preliminary work on the transmission and substation infrastructure.

Assessment, testing, and scrubbing of critical equipment was required before energizing. Simultaneously, crews began working to set poles and prepare installation of wire and other facilities to energize the backbone of the system.

In addition to hundreds of FPL line workers, the restoration operation on the island includes LCEC substation electricians, design engineers, warehouse workers, base camp coordinators, logistics experts, emergency operations representatives, and safety personnel.

South Seas update

UPDATE 10/14/2022: Disaster relief tents are set up in Chadwicks Square, we anticipated the County staffing these by today. However, we have not gotten confirmation from the county as to when they will be fulling staffed and operational. This includes bathrooms and showers set up yesterday.

UPDATE 10/14/2022: FGUA, has been on property, they are keeping the wastewater plant running on generator. See status comment below.

Comment from Michael Currier regional manager: “Yes, we were able to place a crew on the island yesterday (Wednesday, Oct 12). They refueled the treatment plant’s generator, restarting treatment. They will be on the island today and every day until all pump stations are actively pumping.”

UPDATE 10/14/2022: A location has been identified for the incinerator burn boxes. The location will be on the western end of the old employee housing site adjacent to the beach parking. Allowing flow of traffic to and from Captiva and SSIR. Estimated time to set up is 2-3 weeks. We are seeking DEP approval for this location.

UPDATE 10/14/2022: County will also provide two roll-off containers for wet waste. These will be located as well in Chadwicks Square. Wet waste is considered normal household waste such as items from your trash or refrigerator etc. Please place them double bagged into the roll-offs.
The containers are NOT for building debris or landscape debris or appliances or equipment.

Election update

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis used his emergency powers on Thursday (Oct. 13)  to waive state election laws for counties hard hit by Hurricane Ian that are grappling with widespread damages and disruptions.

DeSantis agreed to set aside state laws so election officials in Charlotte, Lee and Sarasota — all of which are Republican strongholds — can consolidate polling places, extend early voting days and make it easier to send mail in ballots to voters to an address that is not listed in voting records.

“Those are, I think, reasonable accommodations that ensure everybody has an opportunity to participate in this November’s election,” said DeSantis during a mid-afternoon press conference in Cape Coral in southwest Florida.

DeSantis’ executive order would allow the election supervisors in those counties to set up so-called super-voting centers instead of trying to maintain polling places for individual precincts. Early voting, which under law is supposed to wrap up the Sunday before Election Day, would be extended all the way to Nov. 8. And the executive order would allow supervisors to move drop boxes from previously announced locations.

The executive order also suspends some of the requirements for poll workers and grants leave to state workers who agree to act as poll workers.

LCSO update

We have had quite a few inquiries from residents about what they can do to help us. Chris Lusk, Christine Zumbrum and I have been fortunate enough to suffer only minor damage to our homes, but some of our other LCSO family members were not so lucky. I know there is a lot of need here on Captiva, but I would appreciate any help you guys can offer in getting the word out about assisting these LCSO families.

We currently have 19 LCSO families who have catastrophic damage and are displaced due to Hurricane Ian. How can you help? Donate to The Home Front Heroes and your donation will go directly to these 19 LCSO families.

You may donate cash or write a check to the Home Front Heroes, Inc.  Please give the donations to Executive Director Annmarie Reno, Treasurer of the 501c3 or if you would like to use a credit card please follow the link below to donate:

The Home Front Heroes, Inc. was organized for charitable and educational purposes.  The Home Front Heroes, Inc. shall provide charitable assistance and community outreach to the needy, the disabled, veterans and youth, including programs related to crime prevention and animal welfare.  It will provide resources for crime prevention and public safety, especially in Lee County. EIN 87-4827476; FL Reg. CH67989

Mail pickup changes

Starting Oct. 11, postal customers in Captiva, Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel who were affected by Hurricane Ian have been directed to a new location in Lee County for mail and package pick-up.

The new location at the Fort Myers Processing & Distribution Center, located at 14080 Jetport Loop, offers more space and ample parking. For customers arriving by car, there is signage directing them where to park. A mobile retail unit has been set up in the parking lot to assist customers with mailing and shipping needs, stamp and money order purchases and change of address requests.

This new location will be open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

USPS says all customers impacted by Hurricane Ian should file for a change of address to ensure they can receive uninterrupted and accurate mail delivery service.

NOTE: Mail-in ballots by law cannot be forwarded. Either you have to go to the Jetport Loop office to pick up, or you should contact the Lee County Elections Office to request a new ballot be sent to the address where you are now receiving mail.

The USPS Care Center (1-800-275-8777) is available for customers in areas affected by Hurricane Ian with questions about their mail or package delivery service, or any other matter involving postal operations.

Sanibel update videos

“City of Sanibel Live” videos… worth reviewing as they talk about restoration issues (FEMA rules, buildback, electric repowering) in more detail:


Please dial 9-1-1 in case of emergency l Non-emergent calls please dial 239-472-9494 for assistance